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Island Korcula, south side by the village Zrnova.


Composed Dalmatian song: T. Zuppa, text and Z. Runjic, music.

Soil in most of Dalmatia is extremely poor/miserly. Every inch of land should be cleansed from stones, which are then composed into walls. Often land is very steep too, which then results into terraces on the picture. The life of a peasant (tezak) was always extremely hard. Therefore, a lot of people were forced to leave their land and look for a new life in distant countries. Dalmatia is one of the most emigrated areas in Europe and certainly the most emigrated area of Croatia.


2:58, 1222k


MOJA JUBE                               MY LOVE

Moja jube *, moj golube!                My love, my darling!
Ka san posa, ti si rekla:               When I left you, you have told me:
"A ti pojdi ko ti more *,               "You do go now, what is to do,
ja cu sama nosit brime,                 I shall lone wear all the burden
tvoje dite, tvoje ime.                  Child that yours is, name that yours is
I u suzan topit vrime.                  And melt all the time in my tears
Moj Marine."                            My Marin."

Moja jube, moj golube!                  My love, my darling!
Rekla si mi: "Ako pojdes                You have told me: "If you go now
ko ce tvoju robu krpit                  Who would mend then all your clothing
i mizerju s tobon trpit?                And the poverty bare with you?
A mi cemo otpatit                       We shall go through agony all
oces li se i ziv vratit.                If alive return you ever
Moj Marine."                            My Marin."

Moja jube, moj golube!                  My love, my darling!
ca si rekla, sve ti vaja.               What you told me, all I find true.
Ko bi voli siromaja?                    Who would really love a poor man?
Nevojne su ovo noci                     Miserable are all those nights
Prazne noci bez spokoja                 Empty nights without the quiet
Nije ovo jubav tvoja,                   This is not at all like your love,
jube moja.                              My love.

* more = moze
  jube = ljubavi