Model train nostalgia - screw hole repair

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[screw hole 1]

One of the common problems with model trains is a broken screw hole that fastens the locomotive shell and the locomotive undercarriage.

[screw hole 2]

First, the dirt and the paint should be removed in the vicinity of the hole by scratching with a sharp object or by sanding. All surfaces that come in contact with the two component adhesive should be thoroughly cleaned with alcohol. The rough surfaces increase the contact area and improve the biding.

[screw hole 3]

Next, temporary moulds are made by the transparent adhesive tape in the vicinity of the broken hole. The two component adhesive is poured into the moulds.

[screw hole 4]

After some time, the two component adhesive cures and the adhesive tape can be removed.

[screw hole 5]

Surplus of hardened adhesive is removed by filing. In the end, the new hole is drilled at the original place.

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