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"A man is not an island" is a saying of the author I forgot the name of, but that inspires me with the truth of the message. It is not only saying that we are influenced by each other, it also says we must do all we can to improve the world around us in the best way we can. And a best way for a thinking man to do this is to have a standpoint, her/his own true standpoint about the things around her/him.

This section of my homepage was started in intention to show the news from Croatia, seen through the filters of my mind. But it went far beyond the starting intention, even into a philosophical areas of thinking about people and our limitations and prejudices. I hope you will enjoy these texts.


Currently there are only two texts available. But I am going to add other, either old or new texts. Older texts can show the development in my thinking. Despite there are few statements and opinions I wouldn't agree with any more, the texts were written in the best intentions and after a serious consideration, so I am still proud of them.